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Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is a key component of the online advertising ecosystem, specially in Pakistan. In the past couple of years, Facebook has introduced a series of ad units and keeps on making additional updates every now and then to make sure that your ads are delivered to the right target audience. At Forward Digital Consultancy, we make sure that you are always on top of Facebook ads so that you are able to reach your audience and achieve your objectives at the same time. Optimization is a crucial part of managing Facebook advertising and we always keep a close check on your relevance score and other key matrices. Want to know the basics of Facebook ads? Follow this link for Facebook Ads Basics and follow this link if you are wondering Why You Need a Digital Agency to Handle your Facebook Ads.


PPC and Google AdWords

In the world of Pay Per Click advertising, we make sure that your clicks aren’t wasted. With our team of Google AdWords certified professionals, we are able to get you the results you need in the cost bracket that suits you best. In the world of online advertising its not always about who spends the highest amount, but it also depends on how smartly you spend and what tactics you use to your cost for PPC and Google AdWords down. Along with this, we also help you in reaching various advertising websites so that your brand stays in front of the kind of people and brands that you want to.


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