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Why do you need a digital agency for Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads sound simple to many people and thanks to the constant reminders from Facebook about which post to promote and the likely audience you can “reach” after “boosting” a post it seems almost as easy as ABC. After all there are many agencies that charge an arm and a leg for placing your ads on Facebook. Is it really worth it? And should you really be trying to do it yourself? This article by our team of media planning tries to answer just that. Here goes!


The first reason why you need a digital agency to run your ads is the level of experience that particular agency has when it comes to managing advertising on Facebook. As a business you might have a limited budget but as an agency that is working with multiple clients, they have experience with a vast category of brands and budgets that span over millions in some cases. The kind of understanding of data and learnings that they might have, it might take you years to reach that level of understanding. So, when thinking about doing things in house, keep this point in mind. If you have a resource that has that level of experience then go ahead try doing it on your own but if its something which falls out of your domain, then its best to hire professionals. If you have problems with keeping an agency on a payroll then either train yourself or train your resources, or keep a consultant. At Forward Digital Consultancy we try to cater to everyone despite their budget constraints, this is why we also work towards training resources and also consult brands in their endeavors.

Ad Optimization

The second main point why you need a digital agency to handle your Facebook ads is because of the degree of optimization that is required to make your Facebook ads a success. There are various types of ad units available on Facebook, each with their own specialty, as opposed to only “boosting a post”. The agency understands this and places your ads accordingly based on your objectives. Next, there are various ad targeting options available. At times the brand thinks that going too narrow with your audience will give them a better response, whereas the reality is sometimes completely opposite to this. Also, running ads might be as simple as placing an order but ad optimization and constant delivery along with achievement of objectives is where the agency has its hands-on expertise.

So, in-short a digital agency can amp up your Facebook Ads performance but if you cannot afford to hire one, then you can also train yourselves with basic tricks (Things that we’ll put up in our next blog post) or hire us as your consultants. We assure you that you’ll start seeing an improvement.

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