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Facebook Ads Basics

In our previous blog post about a hypothetical Digital Marketing Agency and why you need one to run Facebook ads for your brand, we mentioned that next time we will talk about a few Facebook Ads basics. So this time let’s go over what you can do to run a Facebook ad on your own. Here goes!

Your Objective

So the first thing to do when running your ad is to decide what you want your ad to achieve? The Facebook ad manager has ten ad objectives to choose from and each of them optimizes the ad for that specific objective. Most advertisers only resort to “Boosting a Post” which is basically an extension of the engagement ad unit. This ad optimizes for just that. You will get likes, comments and shares on your post but not many clicks on the link for example. That is another ad unit. So, be sure to know what you really want to achieve with your ads. And once you know, then move towards advertising it.

Targeting Options

Next up are the amazing targeting options that you have when it comes to advertising. From gender, age and location to even more details, you can customize your audience based on your brand and proposition. For e.g. if you are someone who deals with gift items, you can target people who are friends with people who have a birthday or anniversary coming up. Exciting! Isn’t it? Similarly, there are other options as well that you can use to your advantage. These include interests that your potential customer might have or devices that he/she uses. Along with this you can also choose schools that he/she has been to or the profession that they follow. In short, there are targeting options that allow you to hit your target audience with a sniper bullet.

Ad Creative and Relevance

Many brands try to use the same content as other marketing platforms for their Social Media ads. Due to this, they are unable to get the right kind of response from their audience. Sometimes the text is so high that it reduces the delivery of the ad. There is no more 20% rule in Facebook now however they have changed it to proportions of design and text. If you have too much text, your ad will show to less number of people. Here is one tool by Facebook which allows you to check if your posts are “good to go” for advertising or not. It is called the Facebook Grid Tool and can be found at: . We personally use this tool to check if we are following all guidelines as well and are able to reach our audience. Next up, make sure that whatever your are advertising is relevant to the audience that you selected via targeting options. If it is something that will resonate with your selected target audience then you will have a high Relevance Score (A score which Facebook allots when your ad reaches at least 500 people) which will in turn reduce your cost and increase your response under the same budget.

So at a very basic level, this is what Facebook ads are and the few details attached to them. Keep following our blog to stay updated with how digital agencies in Pakistan make your brand a success.

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