Some Do’s and Don’ts of Interacting with customers on Social Media

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Gone are the days when social media wasn’t considered an important tool by brands and agencies in Pakistan, but instead they relied on newspapers, TV, Radio, Outdoor and word of mouth only. In today’s age, Social media marketing has become a necessity and is one of the most integral tools that a brand cannot ignore – if they want to survive.

All because of this, many major brands today have a strong presence on social media and they are always ready to interact with their customers. Interacting with your customer is one of the most integral steps for a strong marketing plan which is why it is important to know how to effectively use it to your advantage. Today, based on past experiences and our knowledge of these platforms, we decided to make a list of 3 do’s and don’t’s of interacting with customers on Social Media that you can immediately use to pump up your game on Digital.

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1. Be Where Your Customer Is

Where does your customer like to talk? Does he like whatsapping you? Or does he like to hit you up on Facebook messenger? Maybe he or she is a video enthusiast, and is mostly online on YouTube or maybe he or she likes to snapchat all day or maybe tweet along the lines as well. In all these instances, you need to be where your customer is so that you can become a part of their conversation. Now this doesn’t mean that you need to go all out on all types of platforms right away, you need to prioritize and find out where your customers really are. For e.g. in Pakistan, Facebook and Instagram are two of the best Social Media platforms as reported by multiple of our clients.

2. Be Open on Social Media

So what does it actually mean to be open on Social Media? No, I do not mean that you start talking about how your business is facing technical difficulties all the time (we have all been there), but if you are in the midst of a mess and your customers have started taking the heat for it, then it might be good to LISTEN to what they have to say. So, what it means to be “open on social media” is that you should be open to listening and talking to your customers. Don’t act like a robot. You are a human, behind the brand. Let your customers know.

3. Watch Your Tone

Every brand has its own distinct tone, which is based on its OWN personality and that of its CUSTOMERS. Why is this important? Well, let’s take an example – What if a bank started talking all casual with you in the comments section on Facebook? That too, when you might have had a negative experience with them recently. How would you react? This is the best way to find out what tone your brand should have and when should it have it. If you are a casual brand, you cannot talk casually during an issue being faced by the customer. Similarly, you cannot be too formal either like a robot (as discussed in point number 2) when the customer is interacting on a generic engagement post on your page. We all need to strike the perfect balance and watch our tone. ALL CAPS SOUND LIKE MAYBE YOU ARE SCREEMING, grammaticla erore makes people loose their S**t (see what I did there?) and using too much “Dear” in your comments sounds outright wrong. You are a brand, not a molestar.

We can help you with your digital marketing campaigns.

Advertising: Run ads that get the right results.

Social Media: From strategy to execution, we do it all.

Websites: Create beautiful responsive sites.

SEO: Get traffic on your site.


1. Engage not Intrude

This one is pretty self-explanatory but let me give you a basic perspective to this. Talk to your customers, don’t intrude their personal space. Its as simple as that. Don’t tell them to change, tell them your brand can help them. If you help in solving any of their problems, they will remember you for the rest of their lives (hopefully).

2. Take the right name when talking

Let me just leave this here for you to ponder over. Okay no, let me tell you what I really mean by this. Often when you have a large number of queries in the comments or in the inbox, you (like most people) might just copy paste the same answer. Though I understand that at times it becomes impossible to give everyone a different answer, the least that you can do is NOT copy paste their NAMES! This happens a lot in the advertising industry surprisingly. All hell breaks loose when you call someone who they are not. People are pretty sensitive to their names. So keep this in mind. If you address them by taking their name in the comments/inbox section, they would feel more interested in your replies (TRUST ME!)

So here it is! Have something to add to this list? Why not comment below? (Hint: We are trying to interact with our customers here)

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