Important Digital Marketing Apps To Keep in Your Phone

Digital Marketing Apps

You can’t always be on a laptop now can you? When you are lying on your bed or are in the middle of a party, and you suddenly remember that you had to make this really important update on your active ads on Facebook or maybe see how well your Google campaign is performing, do you panic? Well, the truth is that sometimes, you need to do things on the go. Let’s talk about a few digital marketing apps that you should keep handy at all times in your phone if you are a digital marketer, a content creator or anyone who has anything remotely to do with digital marketing. Let’s go through them one by one:

Business Suite

The first digital marketing app in the list is the Business Suite by Facebook. This app allows you to post and schedule content on both Facebook and Instagram simultaneously and easily. Not only this, it also let’s you check insights, look at the performance and submissions on your job posts, monitor active ads and a lot more. All this makes it a must have app on your phone.

Facebook Ads

If you run Facebook or Instagram ads for your business, then we know that you would always like to have the updated results and numbers on your fingertips at all times. The Facebook Ads mobile app makes this all look like a piece of cake. From being able to check results to compare multiple ad sets or creatives in a campaign and even create new basic campaigns, you can do a lot of things with this cool digital marketing app.

Google Ads

Just like how the Facebook ads app helps you in monitoring and running campaigns, the Google ads app let’s you do similar stuff for your AdWords account. From viewing recommendations on your optimisation score to keeping an eye on your active campaigns, ad groups and ads, this app gives you a host of details of your campaigns that you can monitor on the go.


Are you a content creator? Maybe at times you have to create a post for your social media accounts and just don’t want to open up photoshop to get this done. Or maybe you aren’t a designer, and are a startup founder, but you want to make something really cool for your social media accounts. Use Canva to your advantage. This cool digital marketing app let’s you create amazing designs with a simple drag and drop functionality that you can save instantly and upload on your social media platforms.

So there you have it folks. These are some of the most recommended digital marketing apps to keep handy in your phone at all times.

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