Top Skills You Need to become A Digital Marketer

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The digital marketing industry is constantly evolving and if you are someone who wants to enter this industry either as a resource or a business owner, you’ll need to learn the things highlighted in this blog to become an effective digital marketer.

Content Writing

In the world of digital, we say “Content is King” and there is a pretty solid reason behind that too. Since everything that happens on digital platforms, ultimately requires content in it to drive the action that you want your audience to take. But how do you learn content? Well, content can be made from anything. It’s a creative process which you need to learn. There are many certifications and free online courses that you can take to learn more about content writing.

We have also talked at length about “Content Creation and Distribution” and how you can “Produce engaging content for Social Media” in our previous blog posts. Check them out for ideas and tips for further reading.

Paid Marketing

Organic is almost dead across all platforms on digital. Without the knowledge of running ads, you will not really be able to create value in your role as a digital marketer. Even though there are multiple platforms that you will need to gain expertise on including Facebook & Instagram, Google, LinkedIn and more, know that at the core, they are all different pieces to the same puzzle. The core concepts are the same, the executions are slightly different. Apart from Google of course which is a different ball game altogether. Here is a blog on Facebook ads basics to get you started. There are more online resources available on Google Skillshop, Facebook Blueprint and LinkedIn Learning which can teach you how to run effective campaigns on their platforms.


Even though you would probably have a designer to take care of the visual part of things, you’ll still have your own share of creative interaction as well. From crafting presentations to ensuring that the right kind of designs are associated with your planned content concepts, you need to establish a good aesthetic sense for things. Best way to do this is to look at the digital marketing efforts of top brands around the world. This, coupled with reading new trends and concepts can help you in getting a better understanding of what good aesthetics really are when it comes to digital marketing.


Everything boils down to strategy. No matter what industry or field you are in, strategy is an essential part of taking everything forward. When it comes to digital marketing, your strategy will define what you have to do, when you have to do it, why you have to do it and for whom you have to do it. The thing about strategy is that it is almost always different for every brand. Unfortunately there is no one size fits all approach to implement here. This is why strategy will come slightly later in your journey when you have experienced working for multiple categories of brands.

Bonus: Web Dev and SEO

Although these aren’t core skills you need in order to become an effective digital marketer, it’s still good to have basic knowledge of how web development and SEO works, along with knowing the famous platforms/softwares associated with them. If you know this, you can expand your scope of digital service offerings.

So there you have it. Some key skills that you need to have in order to start in the digital industry.

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