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4 Social Media Marketing Tips to Boost Your Game

Today we decided to talk about some Social Media Marketing tips that can take your Social Media game to the next level. Here goes!

Use Trends

Social Media is all about being on top of what is happening around you. But in the race of trying to use trends, do not go ahead with things that are irrelevant to you or your audience. In the end everything is about your audience and the messages that you deliver to them. A good source for analyzing trends is which can tell you a lot about what people are interested in as per categories.

Keep It Human

A lot of companies make the mistake of turning their social media profiles into robots. Their replies are standardized and the interaction is limited; which pisses people off. If you want people to interact with you, keep a human touch to your brand. After all that is what Social Media is all about in the end.

Test it all

With Social Media you can test multiple pieces of content to see which one generates the results you desire. Create a book of experiments in which you record all the pieces of content that you have tested and the results. After a certain period of time, revisit that list and use it to further enhance your activity.

Think About Distribution

Often, businesses try to put all their brains in content creation for Social Media but forget about how they will be distributing that content. With the organic reach coming down to less than 5% (or even 2% in some cases) it is important to think about how your audience is going to view that piece of content. There are many things that you can do in this for e.g. advertising can help you boost your content viewership on Social Media tremendously. Other than that you can always look into quoting influencers who would then love to share your piece of content in their networks. There are a lot of ways to distribute content and requires a different blog post altogether.

So there you have it. These are 4 of the many Social Media Marketing tips that you can adhere to, in order to boost your social media activity.

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