Digital Marketing Funnel

What is a Marketing funnel?

Whether you are a fresher or experienced in marketing side you should know about marketing funnel. Its uses and in parti...

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social media marketing

Social Media Marketing – How To Start?

Want to start your brand’s social media marketing activity but just don’t know where to start? Well, this blog will tell...

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Custom Audience – Usage and Results

What is a custom audience? Custom audience is a powerful tool for marketers, powered by Facebook which lets you creat...

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Digital Marketing Apps

Important Digital Marketing Apps To Keep in Your Phone

You can’t always be on a laptop now can you? When you are lying on your bed or are in the middle of a party, and y...

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A guide to creating a kickass digital strategy for mobile apps

Building a mobile app can be difficult but creating a digital strategy for mobile apps can be even more gruesome for a l...

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Consumer Journey – Why should you know about it?

Consumer journey is one thing which isn’t really taught or considered by a vast majority of agencies and brands wh...

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How We Reduced Engagement Cost by 150%

At this point in time, understanding how you can reduce the cost for advertising is the need of the hour, and this is ex...

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Competitor Advertising – Keep an Eye on it!

Ever wondered what posts your competitor is promoting on his Facebook page and didn’t want to use an external paid...

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Content Creation and Distribution

“Content is King” is one notion that we have all heard in our lifetimes over and over again as marketers, but how do you...

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5 Things about Digital Marketing

Ever wondered why the whole world is going crazy for digital marketing? Well, the answer is quite simple. It can help yo...

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