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Funnel Design

How do you want to progress through advertising? Which stage is your customer currently at?

Ad Strategy

How will we convert your customers from a cold audience to a hot audience?

Media Planning

How much do we intend to spend on each platform and what can we expect as an outcome?

Ad Design

What will appeal to your customers? Here we create multiple ad creatives (Animations and static).

Experiment and Optimize

We put a lot of theories to test with continuous experimentation. Then we optimize all digital ad campaigns accordingly.


What worked and what didn’t, combined with our learnings and a way-forward, our monthly report gives an in-depth analysis.

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That will show you why we are a good social media marketing agency.

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Let’s break it down for you. How do we do the awesome social media management that we do? And what makes us your ideal social media agency? This should give a clear picture.

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Which platforms would your customer be active on? What interests do they have? And how can we use this data and translate it into meaningful targeting. This is our starting point.
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We start with the funnel, create an execution strategy which would take potential customers from awareness to conversion using digital ads.
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We then look at how much we would be spending on each phase of the consumer journey and the potential timelines of each phase.
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Once we are set with the strategy and plans, we then move towards putting our ideas to test by experimenting with multiple audiences, platforms and creatives.