Digital Experiments by FDC – Experiment 1 – Content Sharing by Friends and Family

Forward Digital Consultancy in association with Blog Coverage has started conducting a series of digital experiments for content creation and content distribution so that we can know more about what works and what doesn’t in a Pakistan audience. Here is the first experiment from this series focusing on Content Distribution.

Experiment Details

There is a notion among people that the easiest way to get the word across about your content (specifically for small and medium enterprises) is that if you ask your friends and family members, you can get a good boost of promotion. We decided to put this notion to test with this experiment.

Content Details

The content revolved around a Food review from a local outlet that people may or may not know about. Here is the link to the article: http://blogcoverage.com.pk/2017/03/22/dahi-baray-hydri-market/

The reason for choosing this particular piece of content was to ensure complete randomization and to focus on something which is not too trendy so that we can look at the core impact of distribution.

Participant Details

We took on board 10 people – comprising of 5 males and 5 females. From this composition, 4 people were from the digital marketing industry (Working in an agency), 3 were housewives, 1 person from a tech background, 1 person from the music industry (drummer to be specific) and 1 person from the finance industry. We did this to ensure complete randomization, and also to ensure that there is a mix of people from multiple backgrounds. We also put up a goal conversion. Here the goal conversion was to be counted whenever someone spent more than 2 minutes on the blog.

Execution Details

To track the response from this activity, and also to ensure that we separate the results from this distribution from the regular organic reach of the blog, we assigned separate unique tracking URLs to each participant so that we can separate that the traffic coming in from each participant.

The Results

After conducting this this experiment from our series of digital experiments, this is what we got to know:

  • 39 new users visited the content because of the distribution of these people (without any other source of distribution)
  • 87.8% bounce rate
  • On average 4 new users visited the blog post after being exposed to it
  • 3 Goal conversions
  • Avg. Session Duration of visitors: 16 Seconds (The average session duration for the Blog Coverage website is typically 45 seconds)
  • Highest visitors came in when a housewife who is also a foodie shared this piece of content


In this experiment from the series of Digital Experiments by FDC, this is what we were able to deduce:

  1. If you rely on friends and family sharing, you can expect an average increase of 4 new visitors to your post/blog.
  2. People who visit are not likely to visit other pages of the blog
  3. If you are to do this, choose relevant people in your circle who are closely associated with the content category

Stay tuned! We have more insightful experiments coming up. Need help with your digital marketing efforts? Email at [email protected]


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