Competitor Advertising – Keep an Eye on it!

Ever wondered what posts your competitor is promoting on his Facebook page and didn’t want to use an external paid tool to find it out? Well, Facebook launched a new feature some time back which allows you to look at your competitor advertising and its awesome. Why? Let’s look at how you do it first:

How to find active ads

So let’s say that you are in the online shopping business and you want to know what your competitor – In this case, let’s say is up to in terms of its current ads. This is how you’ll do it:

Competitor Analysis

Note: This is only available on Facebook’s desktop version

So what can you do with this information? There are two ways you can make use of this info. Here they are:

What Type of Products are being Advertised?

First thing that you can do with this new info is find out what items they are promoting. If the big names in the industry are focusing on certain type of products, chances are that the audience has already been exposed to this and initial awareness for that has already been completed. So, if you run your ad on the same category you will be capitalizing on their awareness campaign.

Competitor Advertising and Content Ideas

If you are looking to find out ideas about what kind of content you should create for your Facebook page, this can be a good source. Yes, you can already look at what posts your competitors are making but if you can look at what posts they are promoting as well, you will be able to prioritize what content is close to them and their customers. In this way, you’ll be able to get new content ideas every week.

Now that you know what about competitor advertising, next – you should learn more about Content Creation and Distribution. Visit this link to find out more:

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