Consumer Journey – Why should you know about it?


Consumer journey is one thing which isn’t really taught or considered by a vast majority of agencies and brands which is one of the main reasons why many digital campaigns do not get the kind of results that you are expecting. So let’s break down what a consumer journey is and why you should know about it.

Consumer journey is a series of steps that your average consumer goes through before purchasing your product. At a very basic level, it will talk about what encourages them to even start thinking about the fact that they need what you are offering, going forward towards where they would go to start searching for it and what would encourage them to move further in the funnel. For e.g. below is a sample consumer journey of one of our clients UniTrust Insurance Brokers

Consumer Journey

So, from the above image, you can see that the consumer journey is divided into four portions – starting from awareness and ending at delight. Looking at this, you will understand where you should advertise what. For e.g. in the awareness stage, since the consumer is looking for options or checking for prices, you would run Google search ads perhaps to grab them at the very initial stage of their journey so that they can generate a query and ultimately convert into a new customer.

So, to sum it up, the whole process of having a journey map enables you to look at things from a holistic level which is essential to build a strong digital marketing strategy for your brand.

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