A guide to creating a kickass digital strategy for mobile apps

Building a mobile app can be difficult but creating a digital strategy for mobile apps can be even more gruesome for a lot of app owners. You might have the best app in the world but if you don’t align yourself with enhanced digital strategies, you will end up creating a drought around your mobile app. In this article, let talk about how you can create a kickass digital strategy for your mobile app based on our experience of marketing two mobile apps in Pakistan and UAE – namely Hysab Kytab and Shugah respectively.

The consumer journey

First thing is first, you need to understand the steps that your potential user goes through when installing your app or making a purchase via it. Use it to your advantage in order to understand what makes them tick.

The right type of tagging

Before moving forward with trying to increase app downloads, make sure that all tracking codes associated with FB pixel, Google AdWords and Firebase (Or any other tracking service) are properly implemented so that you know what works where and how you should respond to the audience.

Key Platforms in digital strategy for mobile apps

Next, you need to figure out what platforms work best for you in terms of identifying a digital strategy for your mobile app. Ideally you should be there on all platforms where your potential user is. However, here is how we think different platforms bifurcate based on our experience:

Facebook and Instagram

These two become your key platforms for communication, however consider dividing these platforms into two functions – 1) communicating with existing users and 2) creating awareness in front of potential new users. The former in this can be established by creating a custom audience based on your app users using the Facebook pixel on your app. Identify key people such as app users, frequent openers or those who make a purchase. Then, create a lookalike audience based on these parameters to create an audience of people who would potentially be interested in your mobile app – thus achieving the latter part of the above two points.

Google UAC

One of the best ways you can increase your app’s downloads at a comparatively lower cost is by using Google’s UAC or Universal App Campaign. This AI based campaign is designed to get you the best number of downloads at the best rates. All you have to do is plug in creative assets including text ads, banner ads and YouTube video ads and UAC will take care of everything else for you. In our experience, we have seen a drop of 100% cost per download when using UAC.

So, these are a few key components that we look into when working on creating a digital strategy for mobile apps. Have a question or want us to help you with your mobile app? Email us at [email protected] today!

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