Custom Audience – Usage and Results

What is a custom audience?

Custom audience is a powerful tool for marketers, powered by Facebook which lets you create a set of people based on data. In this blog, we will tell you exactly how to create it and how it can help you in making your Facebook campaigns more efficient.

How to make a custom audience?

In your business manager, you will see a tab labeled as “Audiences”. Once you go inside it, you will see a button titled “Create Audience”, under which you’ll see three options, custom audience being one of them.

Next, you need to decide, what data set you want to use to create this audience. So, for example, if let’s say you have email addresses of your existing customers or perhaps phone numbers; you can use this information while creating this audience. Then, Facebook will automatically match these people to profiles on the platform and tell you exactly how many people are active on Facebook from your provided data set.

There are other sources of creating custom audiences as well. So let’s say, you want to target people who might have seen a specific video on your page or perhaps the people who send you inbox messages on your page. You can use these sources as data sets to create your audience.

So what do we do with this data?

This data can be used in a lot of ways. One, you can target only existing customers if you have an exclusive offer for them perhaps. Or maybe, you want to target people, who might have been your customers in the past, but not anymore. Or, even if you want to remarket people who have watched one of your videos, and now want to show them the next message in your consumer journey.

What else? There is an option to create a lookalike audience based on your provided data set. Why is this helpful? Well, let’s put it this way. What if you could target people who look similar to your existing customers? Wouldn’t that increase your conversion rate? And also perhaps ensure that your advertising budget is spent efficiently? Lookalike audiences let you do just that.

Use-case: Tuition Highway

Let’s talk about how we used custom audiences to increase the potential conversions received from a lead ad for one of our clients; Tuition Highway. For a hiring campaign, we used past employee data and created a custom audience based on this set. After this, we created a lookalike audience to reach similar people.

The result? As opposed to targeting a cold audience, our potential conversion rate increased from 10% to more than 40% when using a lookalike audience.

So there you have it. This is what a custom audience looks like and the above example will tell you exactly the kind of results that you can anticipate when using this particular advertising tool.

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