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How to Think About Content?

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We have all been there. The point where you hit a mental block and just don’t know what to write in your content anymore. Especially when it comes to social media content for your brand. Let us show you a couple of tricks that you can use to make refreshing content for your brand. Read below!

Connect with your hobbies

The first thing that you can inspire content from are your hobbies. Do you like reading? Sports? Or perhaps watching movies or series? What were the key lessons that you learned in them? What elements of that particular hobby do you remember? List them all down on a piece of paper. Then, look back at this list and which one of these can you connect with your brand. For e.g. if you watch Money Heist, you could take the idea of teamwork and leadership and maybe create a post out of it for your brand.

Connect with social media

What key things do you remember while surfing the web? While mindlessly scrolling through the newsfeed? Think about those things. Maybe a friend shared something or a page shared something that excited you. Now, see how you can connect that with your brand’s content. This is where virality comes from just by the way.

Connect with your surroundings

There is a lot going on around you at all points in your life. Maybe it’s raining, maybe you see a cup of coffee on your table, a laptop or maybe even a pen. Maybe you feel happy today because something happened. All of these things can easily be converted into a meaningful and creative piece of content for your brand.

So there you have it. Making content is not as difficult as how people perceive it to be. One key advice is to keep an eye on things that are happening around you and see how you can use them in your brand’s content.

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