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Google Search Ads – Should you use them?

Today, let’s talk about what are Google Search Ads and if you should use them for promoting your brand. We have created ...

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A guide to creating a kickass digital strategy for mobile apps

Building a mobile app can be difficult but creating a digital strategy for mobile apps can be even more gruesome for a l...

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Facebook Ads Basics

In our previous blog post about a hypothetical Digital Marketing Agency and why you need one to run Facebook a...

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Why do you need a digital agency for Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads sound simple to many people and thanks to the constant reminders from Facebook about which post to pro...

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Digital Experiments by FDC – Experiment 1 – Content Sharing by Friends and Family

Forward Digital Consultancy in association with Blog Coverage has started conducting a series of digital experiments for...

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5 Things about Digital Marketing

Ever wondered why the whole world is going crazy for digital marketing? Well, the answer is quite simple. It can help yo...

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Why go on digital?

Marketing is continuously evolving and right now its not a matter of why you go digital, but when you go digital. As an ...

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