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Ever wondered why the whole world is going crazy for digital marketing? Well, the answer is quite simple. It can help you in a lot of ways, if you can employ a sound strategy. Here are five main things which can help you in boosting your digital activities.

Stay Active

For many brands the main issue is that they cannot stay present throughout the year on all media avenues because of the budgetary constraints, however you can still maintain your presence on digital media at times when you ar
e absent from other avenues.
Think about it, you can engage with your target audience throughout the year with a minimal budget. For small companies, an amount as low as $5 per day can do an amazing job. For e.g. Al Rawaq Optical, one of our clients based in Sharjah, advertises at a minimal amount in order to generate traffic and branding.

Digital Marketing Generates Leads

Most people think that digital media cannot serve a purpose in generating leads or converting sales, however the reality is quite the opposite. The reason being that people are more inclined towards talking to you on an open platform where they feel less more relaxed as opposed to other avenues where the prospect might think that you are leading him into a trap. For e.g. here is an example of Unitrust Insurance Brokers talking about personal insurance solutions for individuals. The status update invited the users to visit their insurance website to find more about the solutions.

It’s for Everyone

Digital Media is an open platform where anyone can join the conversation, thus it removes the pre-historic idea of relying on one geographical location only. For e.g. design houses or web development services can now be acquired from half way across the world as opposed to being confined to one location. Hence, it can help in growing your presence across boundaries to expand your business to a new level.
Here is an example of an NGO named Kaizen Pakistan trying to generate funds to support education in the country of Pakistan.

Digital Marketing is Best for Startups

If you own a startup, then digital marketing can be your best tool for promoting your services to the relevant audience. A small amount can go a long way and thus you can potentially enter the market with comparatively less resources. Similarly, it can instill the idea of being a brand from day one as you will be communicating a similar artwork across various digital platforms at the same time. Here is an example of SM Landscape Design Studio, an Islamabad based client who offers specialized landscape services:

Targeting Features

One of the best things about digital marketing is the ability to target your ads to a very specific audience so as to
maximize your response and limit wastage. In addition to demographics, you can also tap into behavioural targeting which allows you to tap into certain behaviours of your audience. For e.g. you can specifically show your travel agency Facebook ad to people who have recently travelled to any location.
The possibilities are limitless in digital marketing and you can easily move into the digital world with the help of a little guidance.
For e.g. for Arrangers Event Management ( A local event management company in Karachi), we were targeting very specific people based on age and life events and the response was quite phenomenal to an extent that we had to shut down our ads earlier than expected.
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