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You don’t always have to keep on talking about what you sell to your audience, this will only bore them and ultimately stray them away from your page overall and in extreme worst case scenarios (A.K.A. A Nightmare) – it can also result in people “unliking” your page or hide your posts. So, what can you do to ensure that this doesn’t happen? Well, your answer is summed up in two words is “Engaging Content” and this is all that you can do in it:

We can help you with your digital marketing campaigns.

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Categories that interest your audience

Are you a youthful brand? Are your followers interested in sports or music or entertainment overall? Well, here is your window to talk to them in their language and gain valuable engagement. To give you an example, recently we ran a Cricket World Cup focused campaign for one of our clients named “Tuition Highway” and what we did in this was quite simple but quite effective in terms of gaining engagement. Before the 16th June Pak Vs. India match, which was one of the biggest events for Pakistan, we ran a comparison post between Pakistani and Indian cricket players. The result? The brand started to get a huge boost in engagement in terms of comments and this audience can be tapped into in the future if we want to put out a product post as well using remarketing features available on Facebook (Oh and we did that and the result was quite amazing).

Value Added Content

So maybe your audience is living under a rock and there are no sports/music events that you can capitalize on. In this case, opt for value added content – in simple words that adds value to the lives of your consumers. For e.g. if you are a luxury furniture/interior design brand like our client Interieur 360, and don’t want to be too edgy with you content, you can start talking about tips and tricks that can help your home improvement audience in making the right choices and DIY techniques that they can probably complete on their own. The result? They will keep coming back for more.

Tap into emotions with albums

We are emotional people – all of us! If anyone tells you otherwise, they are probably cold hearted financial analysts. For the rest of us, emotional content works like a charm. If you look at the top 10 ads on YouTube in Pakistan for 2018, 6 of them have a direct emotion attached to it. Now this doesn’t mean that you go out and start making expensive videos right away to compete with the likes of Surf Excel. If you are short on budget, try something a bit different – an album based post which conveys a story or a has theme based content in it. Coming back to our client Tuition Highway, we started a campaign titled “Dear Education System” and wrote compelling one line short letters from a worried student. Album embedded below:

As a result, the number of shares went up to 650+ in less than a week and with a small media push of hardly PKR. 1,000 on it focusing on the right kind of audience. Not bad eh? Well if you think this is a fluke, we posted another album on the page recently, a story based album which got more than a 100 shares on it. All this because we chose to put in an emotional route that the audience would be able to connect with.

We can help you with your digital marketing campaigns.

Advertising: Run ads that get the right results.

Social Media: From strategy to execution, we do it all.

Websites: Create beautiful responsive sites.

SEO: Get traffic on your site.

So there you have it. 3 categories of engaging content that you can use to boost up engagement on your social media pages! Keep following our blog for more amazing insights, tips and tricks. Oh and if you want us to take care of your social media, then fill out the form below:

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