B2B Marketing for 2022

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Do you run a business that is focused on servicing or providing products to other businesses? If yes, then this blog post is particularly for you. Let us help you explore effective b2b marketing ideas that can work towards b2b lead generation and help you in improving the growth of your business.

Ideal Platforms to Use for B2B Marketing

What platforms would work best for b2b focused businesses? Based on our experience with multiple similar projects in Pakistan and the Middle East, we think that the ideal platforms include Google, Email, Website Content, LinkedIn and Facebook. All these platforms can work together to create a holistic experience for your business in terms of marketing.

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Can be used in two ways here, one by using PPC so that you can target niche queries that your potential audience would be searching for. For b2b products, the research phase is usually much larger than other products, and involves people in multiple job roles. For e.g. for larger corporations, it might be someone from procurement or admin or any other specific department who might be searching for a list of vendors who can provide the services that they require. For smaller businesses, it might be the owner or co-founder searching for the product. Either way, using Google search ads, you can tap directly into people who are in the research phase.

The second way is to utilize the power of SEO. With SEO, you can become a leader on the search engine and ultimately tap into people’s search queries more organically.

We utilized both for our client UniTrust Insurance based in Dubai and had amazing results.

Email Marketing

Even though there is a huge debate over the use of email marketing due to it becoming a spamming activity, yet for b2b marketing it is a very effective avenue. With people constantly coming to your website or interacting with you over calls or website submissions, it is important to keep the conversation going. For that, email marketing works the best.

Website Content

One key component of your marketing mix should be the content on your website. By this, we mean that you should produce quality helpful content for your potential customers and their businesses. This way you will be assisting people with their business problems which in turn will create credibility for your brand in front of these potential customers. Content marketing can work wonders for you if used the right way.

We can help you with your digital marketing campaigns.

Advertising: Run ads that get the right results.

Social Media: From strategy to execution, we do it all.

Websites: Create beautiful responsive sites.

SEO: Get traffic on your site.

Social Media

Two main platforms are usually recommended for b2b businesses. These include Facebook and LinkedIn.

On Facebook, you can create custom audiences based on your website visitors or contact details. You can also create lookalike audiences based on this data set to expand your reach while still being relevant. This makes Facebook a very preferred avenue for such businesses. In addition to this, you can also show people what your company looks on the inside and promote your team. This will increase credibility in front of potential customers. Some people argue that Facebook shouldn’t be a part of the mix, however you need to understand that the people who you are targeting, at the core are just that “people”. Human beings who have their own set of likes and dislikes, predispositions and psychographics that you can tap into.

On LinkedIn, the world is slightly different. Because of the targeting features available on the platform based on job roles, seniority and specific industry traits, it becomes a more desired platform. However, do keep in mind the advertising costs associated with it. The minimum ad spend for LinkedIn is $10 per day whereas on Facebook, it is $1. The CPM’s are also usually higher on LinkedIn and so are the cost per results. Nonetheless, it is still very effective in terms of the results that it is able to produce.

Understanding Your Audience for B2B Marketing

It is very imperative to know who you would be targeting and what makes them tick. This notion holds true for B2B Marketing as well. A good tool to use for this is “Make My Persona” powered by HubSpot. With a guided step by step approach, this tool helps you in creating your ideal customer’s personality and understand what will help them and how. The best part? Its completely free and available to everyone around the world. We use it regularly for all our clients to better understand our customers.

So there you have it. Hope you now have a better understanding of what to do for B2B marketing this year and are able to get amazing results! Want us to take care of all this and a lot more for your business? Contact us today!

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