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Well not the right blog to read because in this I am just speaking about what it was like being on the beginners level, it doesn’t feel refreshing, motivating, and fun as what I heard when I started but it took a while for me to find marketing fun and motivating although yeah I was in love with the concept of it, that you are the reason trends are set, brands are made, and a lot more happens around just because you created, marketed, planned it. 

Well for a fact one should first figure out if marketing is even their cup of tea or not because it can be a fascinating idea and career but the struggle of learning it from 0 is one real task.

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Marketing has been there for decades, just the platforms changed but one thing never changes is approaches, philosophy, theory, and tricks. Remember the time there were posters, magazines then came billboards then came radios then came television and now it’s all digital, e-commerce and etc etc. As to some Covid came as a curse but to marketers and digital marketing, it was no doubt a blessing because the marketing industry and eCommerce businesses revolutionized to another level in any sorts of ways possible. Every brand went exclusively digital, even those who had never planned or thought of,  some businesses totally switched towards e-commerce, entrepreneurs took the chance of creating new investments and hence digital marketing touched skies. People around the world now recognise it as a proper and prosperous field to work in, which makes them eager to learn more in it. As the increase in interest now around us we have tons of people interested in learning and practicing it. 

I remember my time how perplexed I would be with all the information on the internet itself because obviously you don’t understand where to start, what to do with all the raw information, how to use it, nor do our minds fathom the bundle of raw knowledge. Here’s advice for all the confused beginners, You need to understand 2 simple tricks, one you can’t skip to the techniques without knowing the theory of a certain action plus without having the knowledge of the basics and Secondly, you must take one step at a time. Every person starting to know marketing wants to be ahead, wants to set trends, make creatives that become famous, etc. but it takes more than wanting that. Not everyone around you will teach you the way you expect them to because marketing is different to all but you need to figure out your techniques, your creativity, your sense of art, your theory, your judgement, your research because marketing is all about one’s knowledge, observations and creativity there no right answer nor a fix criteria of right and wrong. You can never learn the exact thing apart from the process and steps of technicalities. Every marketer has to look for their art and creativity inside them and explore it because marketing is all about experimenting, risking, exploring. 

Well for every marketer it’s going to be a little hard to be on the outside until they understand it all but one must remember that learning never ends, you may know a lot but never enough because marketing is full of updates and evolving around. The only trick is to keep researching, observing, and learning. Well, it can easily be done online: find out who explains to you the best and who’s way of marketing seems right to you and keep learning from them. Secondly, join courses, a lot of courses online from google, hubspot etc. don’t get demotivated by any falls just go on and one day you will thank yourself for doing so.

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