Content Writing Strategies for Beginners

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Content writing has never been a piece of cake for everyone, as it’s one of the major parts of the marketing strategy. Reader’s community is known as one of the largest communities among all, which gives perks to the marketers to attract their audience in blog form. According to the research* 86% of people read globally.

What is a blog?

The actual concept of blog was introduced by Jorn Barger in 1997, which was later coined by Peter Merholz into “BLOG”. A blog is a frequently updated website or web page, usually run by an individual or small group, written in an informal or conversational style.

Few points that should be kept in mind before writing a blog:

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Ever Heard Content is King:

No matter what best strategies you use or best tools you use. Until and unless, your content doesn’t have a weight, you can’t attract the traffic. That’s why we use one of the famous phrases “content is king.

Before starting your writing journey, consider few things:

•    It should be authentic and you should have a relevant source for it.

•    Consider the blog topics that your reader is most likely to inquire about.

•    Something that’s trendy, cheesy and spicy, who doesn’t love to have some spicy content.

Use online website for enhancement:

We all need some help, we are not born perfect. Isn’t it that these technologies are invented to make our life easier?  So why don’t we take advantage of it? Apparently, the major content, facts and figures, and the writing style such as informative or friendly style, you should take charge of it. As these technologies wouldn’t build a talent in us. Writing style is something you should work within yourself and the major step to improve is Practice. One of the most common phrases of all is “Practice makes the man perfect”.

Few beneficial website that could be used in writing your journey:

•    Quillbot

•    Grammarly

•    Headline generator

Plagiarism checking is mandatory:

It’s never a waste of time to read your content again and again. Well, rather than correcting ourselves we humans waste time to correct others, isn’t it how we all are programmed? Anyhow, jokes apart, who likes to have flaws in their work? And don’t forget to check out plagiarism as well.

You should know when you should walk away:

The average human can read for approximately 34 minutes* so your content should not exceed more than average human limits, all the relevant information should be compiled up in such a way that it’s easier for the reader to read without being distracted from the main topic.

When creating content, be the best answer on the internet.

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