The Challenge

How can a new e-commerce store break through the clutter?

E Cart was a new e-commerce platform which wanted to break the clutter and register its brand in front of its audience.

E Cart had a good range of products and an excellent service, but the general market was sceptical of trying a new platform because of their past bad experiences from online stores.

The Solution

A strong problem based campaign

We kick-started the activity with a strong campaign titled “Be-Fikar Khareedari” which brought the brand in the front.

This campaign mixed with a media spend using a full funnel approach brought the brand closer to its objective.

The Result

Increase in Awareness & Sales

Over a few months, the brand was able to register its core offering in front of 1 million+ people across Pakistan.

This resulted in increasing the number of sales by more than 100%, including sales of high ticket items.