Helping an OTA (Online Travel Agency) brand get new customers on board.


How can an OTA get new customers with the power of digital and reach its growth targets? wanted to formally promote its OTA and reach travelers across Pakistan to get new customers on board via their website. They wanted both domestic and international flyers along with cruise reservations via their site.

How do we use digital marketing avenues to make a buzz around the brand and land reasonable conversions over time?


Experimentation, data-backed advertising, and building a strong customer base.

We were looking at all avenues of digital marketing to achieve this. It included Social Media Marketing, social ads, Google ads, SEO, and Email marketing.

We experimented with multiple audience categories and creatives to get the initial set of customers, targeting 20-40 new sales per day. 

We then started using customer data to create lookalike audiences and reach a similar audience that we could scale over time. Along with this, we also utilized Email marketing to re-engage existing customers & added SEO to the mix to get organic results.


Massive growth in sales with lowering costs.

Over a period of 12 months, we were able to reduce the CPA by more than 50%, bring thousands of customers to the platform and build a loyal customer base. The brand still continues to reach new highs in its category and has started giving tough competition in the market.


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