The Challenge

How can you create awareness for a power brand in the industry?

Jaffer Power, a division of Jaffer Group wanted to promote its brand name, products and solutions in the industry.

Even though the group has a strong credibility, this sub-brand wanted to create a name for itself.

The Solution

Solving Power Problems

We created two teasers for the business focused on power problems connecting to the everyday worries of a business. This was followed up by actual solutions and how Jaffer Power’s products can help in this.

We used Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to create awareness and execute the campaign.

The Result

600K+ Impressions 180K+ Engagements & 100K+ Reach

In a short span of one month, we were able to generate amazing numbers for the brand with thousands of people reached, and more than half a million impressions. With a high frequency rate, the brand message was effectively registered.

In addition to this, this activity was also able to generate 10+ B2B sales leads and the brand received positive verbal feedback from the competitors as well.